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Current Website 
by Hare, Evelyn
 7/10/2017 10:03 AM
More Information 
by Hare, Evelyn
 7/10/2017 9:55 AM

 Media Links

Media Specialists
This is the Leon County Media Specialists SharePoint site
Movie Licensing
This link will take you to the Movie Licensing USA site. You can click on this link to check the licensing for a particular film title.
Our customer ID number is: 165496-1. You can use this number to access additional features such as bookmarks, posters, etc.
Treasure Chest list.
Click this link to see a listing of all available treasure chests.
These chests contain resources, artifacts, and memorabilia about specific cultures and locations around the world. Each chest is accompanied with a teacher guide listing the contents, explanations of each item, and recommended uses. Teachers can use these resources to enhance instructional activities and give students hands-on opportunities to become intimately involved in the topic(s) being studied. Treasure Chests are available to be checked out for 2 weeks at a time. In order to book a Treasure Chest, you will need to click Treasure Chest Booking Request on this page. If you have questions or problems, please contact Evelyn Hare at (487-7831 or email at haree@leonschools.net) or see your school Media Specialist. Please allow a minimum of 5 working days before the first use date. If you are a member of our community and are not associated with a school you may still check out these wonderful hands on learning tools by calling 922-0199 or 487-7831 to speak with Evelyn Hare. The Treasure Chest Program was developed by Kay Nunez and Helen Grissett.
AV Repair Form
This is the AV Equipment Repair and Temporary Removal of Property Form for Ray Humphreys.
ITV Repair Form
This is the ITV Repair/Maintenance/Modification Request Form
to fill out for William Roberts.
Treasure Chest Booking Request Form
← Click this link to create a booking request for a treasure chest.

 Shared Documents

Treasure chests.pdfTreasure chestsHare, Evelyn
Dual Enrollment Request Voucher for Individual Student.pdfDual Enrollment Request Voucher for Individual StudentHare, Evelyn
Dual Enrollment Request Voucher for Classroom Set.pdfDual Enrollment Request Voucher for Classroom SetHare, Evelyn
Discard Library Books Form (2 to a page).docDiscard Library Books Form (2 to a page)Hare, Evelyn
Discard Library Books Form.docDiscard Library Books FormHare, Evelyn
Discarded Textbooks.docDiscarded TextbooksHare, Evelyn
Administrative Procedure D-5 Form A.docAdministrative Procedure D-5 Form ACrowe, Scotty
Administrative Procedure D-5 Form B.docAdministrative Procedure D-5 Form BCrowe, Scotty
Administrative Procedure D-5 Form C.docAdministrative Procedure D-5 Form CCrowe, Scotty
Administrative Procedure D-5 Form D.docAdministrative Procedure D-5 Form DCrowe, Scotty

 Online Resources

Discovery - United Streaming
DOE - Florida Electronic Library
Proquest - eLibrary K-12/Culture Grams
Gale - Opposing Viewpoints and Student Resource Center Gold

 Professional Links

FAME - Florida Association for Media in Education
SACS - Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
College of Information, Florida State University
AASL - American Association of School Librarians
ALA - American Library Association

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