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FTE Handbook

Leon County Schools

 FTE Basics

Amendment Process
FTE Eligibility
ESE Audit Reminders
ESE Exceptionality Codes

 FTE and the FEFP

FEFP Cost Factors and the BSA
FEFP Flowchart
The Relationship of FTE to the Cost Report

 FTE Auditing

FTE Audit Checklist-Schools
FTE Audit Checklist-District
FTE Audit Checklist-Transportation

 2009 FTE Training PowerPoint Files

FTE Basics
Why FTEs are Important
When FTEs are Counted and Projected
FTE Week Requirement Details
ESE ESY, Reading Academies, Record Keeping and Disposal, and On-line Support
ESOL Minutes Calculation
OJT, Dual Enrollment, FVS, Teacher Certifications, and Drop Ins

 Teacher Certification Documents

Out-of-Field Initial Memo to Principals
Out-of-Field Bullets Update
Out-of-Field Request

 Teacher Certification Links

  Administrative Procedure for Teaching Out of Field
  Administrative Procedure for Certified and Non-Certified Expert Not Teaching Out of Field

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